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Invisalign - Princeton Dental Group, Princeton, NJ

Invisalign® straightens teeth to give you a great smile. Using clear, virtually invisible aligners, Invisalign® will gently move your teeth based on a treatment plan prescribed by your dentist. No wires or brackets mean most people won't even know you're wearing it!


Invisalign® aligners are removable - eat whatever you want, brush and floss normally. You'll need to visit your dentist every 6-8 weeks to check your progress. Often, your treatment will be complete in less than a year.

Your speech may temporarily be affected by a slight lisp as you get used to the aligners. After a couple days, any lisp caused by the aligners should disappear.

How much Invisalign® costs depends on many factors, including how extensive the issues we're correcting are, how long the treatment is planned to last, and the details of your treatment as determined by your dentist. If your dental plan covers orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® may qualify, so check with your insurance provider.

A confident, radiant smile can be yours! Over 1.5 million people with dental issues have been treated with Invisalign®.

For best results, wear the aligners for 20-22 hours per day. Only remove them for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

How often do I need to wear my aligners?

Will wearing my aligners affect my speech?

How much does Invisalign® cost?

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